What time do I need to be in the rink prior to a class?

15 minutes before the scheduled time for the class.


What special gear do I need for speed skating classes?

Helmets are required.


Is there any extra cost for inline skates?

Regular skate rental is $3.00. Premium skate (in-line skate, speed skate or hockey in-line skate) rental is $5.00


Do you charge admission for parents bringing their children?

Not at all, Parents are welcome to come in and there is no charge, unless they decide to skate then regular admission and skate rental fee applies.


I did not book birthday party, can I still bring cake?

We are sorry; in order to bring cake you must book a birthday party.


Do you allow outside food or drink in your establishment?

No outside food or drinks are allowed in the building.


Do you have dress code?

Yes, Dress Code in Good Taste, NO hats, bandanas, head scarfs or other headgear, NO crop tops, halter tops or tube tops to be worn while skating. Safety helmets only. Yoga Pants/Leggings permitted with an appropriate long shirt. Please call 248-689-4100 if you have any questions on our dress code..


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